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Piano Tiles 2: Play Different Challenges and Modes on PC for Free

Piano Tiles 2 is a game that you can call a “breath of fresh air”. The visual display is soothing to the eyes and the music played is very relaxing. That’s why people turn to this game to be able to de-stress. There is no pressure in playing this fun arcade game and it basically wants you to have clean fun. The gameplay is very interesting and lots of things to look forward to such as the different modes and new mini-challenges.


piano tiles 2 song happy birthday


There are different modes of Piano Tiles 2

As compared to other games of the same genre, Piano Tiles is exciting because of the different modes you can choose while playing. It also depends on how good you are already at playing this rhythmic type of game. Focus on the tiles and listen to the song. Or if you know the song, learn when to hit those notes properly like a pro!

  • Classic mode – this is the main game where you only hit the black keys according to the beat of the music
  • Arcade mode – this mode is for the more advanced players because it is faster compared to the classic mode
  • Relay mode – this is also a fast mode and is under time pressure

Mini-games and challenges await you

If you need to earn more points to put you on top of the scoreboards, check out the different mini-games and challenges in the app:

  1. Stick Hero – you press hold to make a long or short line for the ball to move to another tower
  2. Rush – resembles the Flappy Bird game where your ball should not get hit
  3. Pin It – you have to throw the pins in the ball without hitting other pins
  4. Orbits – You have to follow your own orbit and move to other orbits avoiding an opponent inside an orbit
  5. Move – you need to move and not get hit by a blue ball or you lose
  6. Shoot moon – you need to shoot the moon using the rocket launched from the bottom
  7. Fun stair – the main objective of this challenge is to make sure the ball goes in the correct direction of the stairs
  8. Pyramid – the tiles have to be stacked up like a pyramid as the music is being played
  9. Rotate – click the different colored dots that rotate

Download Piano Tiles 2 on your PC today! Happy playing!

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