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Piano Tiles 2: Earn Rewards from Playing Different Songs on PC for Free

There are a lot of things in store for you in Piano Tiles 2. That is why you should download the game on your PC today so you won’t miss out on the fun gameplay! Once you have it, you won’t have a day without logging in to Piano Tiles. That is how addicting this game is even if the game controls are very easy. Each game is different and scores either go up and down depending on your practice.

Customize the colors

One thing to note in Piano Tiles is that, if ever black and white gets utterly boring, you have the option to change colors! Yes, that is how cool this game is. The game gives you control over the colors you choose to play with. So there is definitely no excuse for losing the game, right? The menu has that option and it can easily be done with a click of your mouse.


piano tiles 2 game rewards


Different Songs to Play In Piano Tiles

This game has over 60 songs to play such as The Muffin Man, Moonlight Sonata Mvt.1, or the classic Edelweiss. All of these can be played randomly so you get to try different ways of hitting those tiles whether the song is slow or fast. The song list has a great list and all are amazing to listen to. It’s as if you are having a classical or pop playlist on your PC when things get tough around the house. The first three songs can be played for free while the succeeding ones need to be purchased by coins.

Coins and medals to win

As you play the game, you either win or lose. So if you do win and complete one song, you earn coins or medals. But the number of coins differ from one song to another. Another way of earning rewards is by simply playing the game.

Here are some ways in earning those rewards while simply logging in Piano Tiles:

  • Login for 3rd day – by simply playing the game every day, you earn coins or medals in the game which can be used to unlock songs
  • Login for the 5th day- on the 5th straight day of playing, you also earn coins or medals
  • Login for the 10th day – you earn coins or medals when playing the game for 10 straight days

As such, you also get some stars after completing songs:

  • 5 songs for 3 stars
  • 10 songs for 3 stars

Download Piano Tile 2 on your PC and enjoy this super fun and highly addictive game suited for everyone!