How to Play Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles is an easy game to play and is perfect for all age groups. There is no hardcore strategy to this game as each time you play will give a different result depending on how fast your fingers are and how attentive your mind is. You can either play this rhythmic game solo or against other players online. To know more about how exciting this game is, download Piano Tiles on your desktop PC today and get hooked as well!

Black tiles only

For starters, you only hit the key of the black tiles. That is the only rule. So if you miss one, you lose. If you hit the white tile, you also lose. Piano Tiles has different songs to choose from and has different modes and levels. The black tiles get more difficult to hit as a song becomes more complex and longer. There will come a time when your fingers will be tired of hitting the same notes but the best thing to do to excel is staying focused. The visuals of this gameplay are also great because your eyes won’t get tired of seeing just black and white. The background of the piano tiles are pleasant to the eyes, plus the songs are fun to listen to. You can even hum to the song while playing!

Learn the different tiles and songs

Each stage has different songs to choose from and of course, it is best to start with the easiest combination of notes. As there are two types of tiles – the separating and continuous ones, learning how to hit these tiles will help you progress fast with fewer mistakes. This is because a mistake can ruin your momentum while playing the game. Once you are deeply immersed in the song, your fingers will just follow through and feel like playing the piano in real-time.

Use your points wisely

As you play Piano Tiles frequently, rewards await you as you win a level. So if you are having that winning streak, expect your coins to pile up! And even if you simply log in to the game every day, you also get some bonus points but the total number is unpredictable. This makes logging in a surprise to all Piano Tiles fans indeed! What’s so important about these points is that these are helpful whenever you lose a game. Points help revive the song and let you pick up where you missed a tile.