Piano Tiles: A Fun Arcade Game on PC for Free

Get those fingers to the test and follow to the beat of your favorite pop song. Piano Tiles is one of the most enjoyable rhythmic arcade games you can download to your desktop PC. All you have to do is hit those black tiles at the right moment and finish an entire song without any misses. Seems easy but it takes practice to even finish one song! If you accidentally hit a white tile, you may either restart to the beginning or use your hard-earned points to start where you last had a miss.

No special skill is needed to play the piano in this game! Piano Tiles only require a focused mind and speedy fingers to hit the correct tiles. There are two different types of tiles in the game which you need to be attentive to though. These are the separating tiles and continuous tiles. Separating tiles are those that you need to hit separately as they appear on separate boxes. These are very hard and only available in the professional mode. Continuous tiles, on the other hand, are those long press holds you need to do before moving on to another tile. Learning how to switch on the different tiles helps you adjust and avoid any misses the next time you play the game.