Piano Tiles 2 for PC | Play Over 100+ Songs in the Free Piano Tiles

You don’t have to know the difference between sharps and flats. You don’t have to know how to read notes, let alone learn about the more intricate concepts of music like harmonics and the circle of majors. With Piano Tiles 2, you can play music ala-Mozart even if your knowledge in music theory is that of a newborn baby.



We understand it – there is something oddly satisfying in watching musicians play Piano with finesse. You don’t even have to hear the melodic outputs of the piano because watching the graceful movement of the fingers alone is quite satisfying. Hence, we present you Piano Tiles 2, a casual game that will make you feel like a musical genius.

Piano Tiles 2 – A Game That Will Make You Say “One More Try”

Piano Tiles was one of the pioneers of the hyper-casual gaming industry. Just like Magic Tiles, it is one of those games that you can learn in a matter of seconds but will make you spend hours as you attempt to break your own high score. Your goal in this game is to click all the dichromatic tiles sliding down your screen. If you manage to accurately hit a tile, you will hear a note as if you are playing an actual piano. As you rapidly hit all the sliding tiles, you will soon realize that the notes you hit are actually that of a familiar melody!

Piano Tiles 2 possess shares the same gameplay with Piano Tiles 1. However, it throws in a whole octave of new features! Hence, we guarantee that fans of Piano Tiles 1 will find Piano Tiles 2 to be a fresh iteration filled with familiar mechanics. Surely, you will find yourself saying “one more try” until you realize that you unlocked all the songs!

Piano Tiles 2 Vs The Original Piano Tiles

Piano Tiles 2 feature hundreds upon hundreds of unlockables including songs, albums, and tile skins. Thus, you will never run out of excuses to play the game. Given this sheer amount of content and the satisfying level of challenge, Piano Tiles 2 is a step forward from the original Piano Tiles.

Moreover, In Piano Tiles 1, song melodies are played randomly. In addition, these songs have the same mechanics that can get boring as time passes by. On the other hand, Piano Tiles 2 will let you choose the melody you want to play. Since each melody is accompanied by unique mechanics, each melody presents its own sets of challenges and feel. For instance, the slow rhythm of the Happy Birthday melody is a perfect beginner melody filled with zero special tiles. Hence, you do not need superhuman split-second analysis skills to finish the melody.

Eventually, you will unlock songs filled with special mechanics and tiles. For example, there are songs with tiles requiring multiple clicks, making them more challenging. Some songs just blatantly bombard you with rapidly moving tiles, needing a much faster reaction time.

Piano Tiles 2 – A Rewarding Experience Like No Other 

We keep on stressing out the term “rewarding”, but how much will you really gain from playing the game? For starters, let’s say that even though the game is hyper-casual in nature, it’s not just about repeatedly beating your own high score. There are literally thousands of songs and melodies to unlock. As a bonus, you are not railroaded into unlocking specific songs in order. So, you can always play a couple of sessions and unlock the songs that you like!

In addition to the songs, there are also tile skins that will keep the visuals interesting the deeper you go into the game. We won’t spoil anything, so let’s not talk about the furry quadrupeds waiting to beautify your tiles *purrs*.

Casual But Competitive Gameplay

Remember when we said that you will definitely crave for one more try as you attempt to beat your own score? Chances are, other people will try to beat your score as well. Expect global competition as you try to ascend the leaderboards. You can even compete with friends in social leaderboards once you connect to Facebook!

The randomized nature of the tiles for each song make the competition in Piano Tiles 2 Online much more interesting. It forces you to be skilled because it is impossible to memorize the flow of the tiles! Yep, even Monster Hunter World is put to shame by this approach. Sometimes, the challenge will tempt you to look for a Piano Tiles 2 mod apk and Piano Tiles 2 cheat.

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Piano Tiles 2 Screenshot

Piano Tiles 2 for PC | Play Over 100+ Songs in the Free Piano Tiles